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About Me

Abir is an avid photographer, videographer, and can be seen patiently waiting for the perfect shot. He is also the owner of a startup photography company, ilovephotos2 Inc., with the goal of generating revenues by marketing and promoting properties with 3D-360-VR virtual tours.  He works with a team of select independent photographers in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, and greater Chicago area.

Over the last seven months, Abir Roychoudhury has transitioned into teaching online classes due to COVID-19 after three years of onsite instruction in the Hospitality Management Department at Long Island Business Institute. Roychoudhury has not only learnt how to differently interact with students through Microsoft Teams, Jupiter-ed, Google Meet, and Zoom, but also figured out the importance of student engagement during online teaching. From the very start of his career, client and employee engagement in a timely manner has played a vital role throughout his hospitality career. He is a member of Harvard Business Publishing which inspires minds on new and innovative teaching methods. As a Serv-Safe Instructor and Proctor, he has trained multiple students and managers in food safety. Mr. Roychoudhury has worked with major brands like Marriott International, Interstate Hotels, Compass Group, and Sodexo in various operational management as well as General Manager roles.

During this time, Abir learnt the importance of entrepreneurship in business – by owning what one does, they create a better world around themselves and create opportunities for other owners who duplicate the plan, process and system to be the change that they wish to see in the world (Mahatma Gandhi).

Abir Roychoudhury can be reached at abir@ilovephotos2.com or 914-407-2980 to discuss your project.  He would love to schedule a mask to mask discussion or meet over Zoom and consider if his expertise, skills and abilities could add value to your special event, party, organizations projects and your public relations vision.